The Health Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods

Historically the fermentation technique was used as a way of preserving foods and drinks long before the days of refrigeration. During the process of fermentation, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi convert organic compounds – such as sugars and starch – into alcohol or acids…

How to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

It is easy to get mentally off-track on a holiday. So if you have slipped into bad habits or let yourself off the hook day after day, whatever the reason, you still can recover momentum after a break.

Here are 10 ways to do it…

10 Tips for post-Christmas eating

Every year the festive season arrives and healthy eating plans go out of the window. But, while time to relax and enjoy ourselves is important to our well-being, it is not good to overindulge in rich foods, sweet treats and alcohol. At the same time, we may be cutting back on regular physical activity and staying up too late, too often.


Why is it healthier to eat six meals per day?

Many people eat-on-the-run, eat whilst watching television and eat whilst reading emails to name a few. Practicing distraction-free, focused eating will make mealtimes a special ritual which studies have shown result in a greater feeling of fullness and satisfaction for hours afterward. This also makes one more purposeful in what they choose to consume, resulting in one being more aware of hunger and fullness cues.


Enjoy the flavour

One needs to learn to be aware of their own physical hunger and satiety cues in order to guide their decision on whether to begin eating or to stop eating. What does it feel like to be half-full or three-quarters full? It is important to choose foods that we like but it is just as important to choose foods which are nourishing to our bodies by using all of our senses.


Eating well when on the road

1. Bring food with you: The best way to have control over food is to always pack your own. Whether it is a simple bag or snacks or an entire cooler box of snacks, bringing your own food saves time, money and improves your food choices. Here are some of the tastiest ways to eat well while driving down the highway to your holiday destination or relaxing on the beach…


Getting ease with the B’s

Late for work-grab a take-away on the way. The report is due-pour another cup of coffee. The children are yelling-take an ice cream break. Stress is all around us, and food often provides a welcome, if momentary, break. Unfortunately, the food we often turn to in times of stress, like coffee and chocolate, have a way of making us feel even more frazzled later on.


Mopping up cholesterol

Oats are a very healthful grain. For one thing, unlike wheat, barley and other grains, processed oats retain the bran and germ layers, which is where most of the nutrients reside. In addition, oats contains a variety of compounds that have been shown to reduce heart disease, fight cancer, lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and aid weight loss.


Restful Foods When

When life gets hectic, we have all found ourselves wishing that there were more hours in a day. Sometimes, unfortunately, we get our wish-at the expense of our sleep. Few things are more miserable than lying awake, frustrated and tired, when everybody else is sleeping soundly. Insomnia is usually temporary, of course, caused by too much coffee , perhaps, or anxiety about the list of things still to be done.


Great bulbs of power

One of the most controversial flavourings in the kitchen, garlic rarely leaves anyone indifferent. This distinctive ingredient is either loved or hated. The healing potential of garlic has been recognized for thousands of years. Throughout history it has been used to treat everything from wounds to digestive problems.


The Ultimate Healer

The tough outer coating has been stripped from our grains for many, many years-leaving us with pure white flour. The bread made with this flour has a lovely texture which is very light and generally preferred by consumers when compared to the denser wholegrain varieties. This was just the beginning of the many technological advances which has now led to many processed foods being stocked on supermarket shelves and fridges. The introduction of refined products and processed foods led to a decrease in the intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains….and thus fibre!


What to eat when you are feeling beat

Every day is the same. You push snooze on your alarm clock six times, then crawl out of bed-no time for breakfast. Struggle through the morning, fueled by many mugs of strong coffee. Drag yourself to lunch. Drag yourself back to your work desk and muscle through the afternoon. Then drag yourself back home, where all you want to do is order Mr Delivery and sit in front of the TV under a thick cozy blanket. You are exhausted just thinking about it.

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