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dietician scale inbody 570

Designed by Biospace, this hi-tech, state-of-the-art body scan provides comprehensive body composition analysis. Monitoring weight is not enough to see progressive changes in health and body.

Weight alone does not correctly reflect the effects of exercise and improved diet. The InBody Test shows a true assessment of the body.

InBody takes fitness and weight management to the next level so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle & exercise regimen influence your body composition.

A healthy body maintains a well balanced ratio, while an unhealthy body has an unbalanced ratio that may indicate obesity, edema, osteoporosis or malnutrition.

 Analysis includes :

1.    Weight
2.    Segmental fat and muscle distribution
3.    Intra/extracellular water
4.    Total body water
5.    Lean body mass
6.    Dry lean mass
7.    Visceral fat
8.    Skeletal muscle mass
9.    Body fat mass
10.  Body mass index
11.   Basal metabolic rate
12.   Impedance at each body segment.

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